Redness, rosacea & Veins

Rosacea, redness and unsightly veins can leave you feeling embarrassed and greatly affect your self-esteem. Unfortunately there is no cure for rosacea however our treatments allow sufferers to enjoy smoother, clearer, stress free skin.
Your journey at LovesSkin starts with a skin consultation with one of our advanced practitioners who will deep cleanse the skin, discuss your concerns and advise the best treatment programme and skin care regime for you.
Rosacea is a systemic condition whereby there is currently no cure. We can help you control the symptoms and prevent further damage to the skin with a range of different products and treatments to manage your skin
A good homecare regime is a great way to manage your skin and having IPL treatments and facials can help control the flare ups.
Ongoing use of products will be needed as well as regular treatments in clinic usually every week or every other week. Often once the condition is managed often the treatments can be spaced further apart.
At LovesSkin, we know that everyone’s skin concerns are individual, and therefore your treatment plan will be bespoke to you. Our treatment recommendation will be dependent on the severity of your thread veins, any medical history and your own preferences. In our free skin consultations, our expert practitioners and medical injectors will discuss each treatment option thoroughly with you, so that you can make the best decision for you.
Depending on your treatment pathway, we can plan the right time for you to have your treatment. We advise you not to have the treatment too close to any events whereby the area will be exposed to extremes of weather or temperature. The treatments can be performed in all months of the year.
Immediately after a Sclerotherapy treatment, you will see mild redness and perhaps a bruise on the treated area, before noticing a gradual improvement in the treated area. It can take a few weeks before you see results as the veins need to dissolve and be reabsorbed into the body. Advanced Electrolysis may present mild redness or swelling immediately following treatment, however, your skin will return to normal the following day.
We have 3 different methods of treating red veins on the face. They can all be charged by time and prices start from £60 for a 15 minute treatment.
We can apply mineral based foundation immediately after treatment which you may also purchase. You can then use other make-up in the following few days.
Some people have very little down time, but some will need up to 2 weeks.
Yes. We will always do a thorough consultation and test patch and make sure that this is the best treatment for you before we do anything. Your safety is our number one priority.
You would generally see results after your first treatments but will need to complete a course of treatments to see the full result
The healthier your skin, the quicker it can heal. Usually, the results can be seen a couple of weeks after treatment. However, as we are heating the blood vessel, darkening of the vein isn’t uncommon, and often the veins can look more pronounced until the skin has broken the veins down. Do avoid sun exposure on the treated area.
We’ll take you through a complete health review to check for your suitability.
We pride ourselves on having highly skilled, experienced practitioners who carry out this treatment. The machine that we use is an FDA approved device for the treatment of thread veins.
A cooling gel is applied before the treatment and cold air is used whilst the treatment is taking place. The treatment feels like a small flick of an elastic band.

Some of the most FAQ's about our treatments

Our clients always have questions about Redness, Rosacea & Vein treatments at the begining of their journey. Our lead practitioner Emily Browne talks you through some of these most common FAQ.
Rosacea treatment

Alumier MD professionals

Calm-R is a soothing hydrating serum that targets redness and blemishes while maintaining skin’s delicate moisture balance. Piperonyl glucose and sea whip both relieve redness by different mechanisms to enhance effectiveness.

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Designed for your comfort throughout your personnel journey, our stylish clinic invites a feeling of ease and peace on arrival. Our treatment rooms are finished to the highest stand and feature the most advanced procedural equipment not found in any other local clinic.

Laser Vein

We can treat the face and the body with our incredible mixed technology, state of the art laser. Our laser is one of the only lasers in the world to treat red and blue veins, this phenomenal technology has medical backing and fantastic results.
Leg veins 15     1 Session     £60
                        3 Sessions  £150
Leg veins 30    1 Session     £80
                        3 Sessions  £190
Facial Spider veins    1 Session     £100
                                  3 Sessions  £240

The radiant Peel

A multipurpose resurfacing peel that uses a mixture of gentle acids to allow us to effectively help treat redness, paired with medical homecare we see fantastic results.
1 Session       £85
3 Sessions    £230
6 Sessions    £425

multi session Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea Treatment for rosacea sufferors

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